19 July 2013

Survival of the most prepared

So we're at the end of week two. Without noticing we've been transformed from fairly chipper and fresh-faced young things into zombie automatons. Friday nights are no longer reserved for chilling out or spending time with friends, they become this:

Apologies for the bad quality, but my phone is not quite as swish as I'd like it to be. In case you're wondering, yes this really is all of us slaving away on a Friday night.

Kiss goodbye to your evenings, weekends and sanity. What you put in is what you get out, and you need to put in a hell of a lot. Getting your first accepted news story will be a high like no other.

We've spent the last two days filming and editing a short vox pop piece and the experience is invaluable. The best advice I can offer to any prospective applicant right now is this: make the most of every opportunity given to you. You never know when the skills you've gained in a seemingly innocuous afternoon will come in handy. Keep your eyes and ears open and soak up everything for later like a forgotten bathroom cactus. Nothing you ever do on this course will be trivial or pointless so store it all up so you can dazzle in future interviews.

As usual I'm knackered, so I'll head to bed and leave you with these words of wisdom:

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