15 July 2013

Social and cultural traditions affect online habits

Brazilian people share the most news worldwide and are likely to do so through social media, according to a report published by Reuters. The report’s coordinator, Nic Newman, suggests that “the culture of a country is what defines engagement with online news.” In short, Brazil is a culture of socialising, just think of the iconic images of festivals from the country’s capital Rio de Janiro. And this is a direct link to why Brazilian people love social media so much.

If this is true, it opens up a wealth of other possible connections between social and cultural stereotype and our online habits. Is Britain's traditional Stiff Upper Lip responsible for our obsession with rules, regulations and general anxiety about internet security and regulation? And perhaps if we were to do some basic analytics on Spain’s most common browsing time online it would be remarkably quiet in the early afternoon, as they are all snoozing in a post-lunch siesta…

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