11 July 2013

First week fun

So it turns out that the PMA course does exactly what it says on the tin. Nine weeks of intense learning, writing, getting feedback, crying a bit, writing again, running around London talking to strangers and drinking coffee just to keep up!

(I'm just joking about the crying bit, no-one has done that yet, but we've been promised that we will).

It's an odd feeling having someone reject your work for the first time. You don't feel crushed; it's more frustration that you made such silly mistakes. And that you're so boring to read. And that you're irrelevant. But it's a learning curve, right? And the thing is, you see and feel improvement (okay, it's only minor for now) in just a few days.

In less than a week, you go from someone who politely emailed work to the editor of the university paper, to being that person who stops completely random strangers on the street for an impromptu vox pop, or calls editors up to ask if you can work for them.

It's so liberating and exciting!

The first week is not as bad as I thought. Since the work isn't piled sky high just yet (okay Roberta, maybe I'm burying my head in the sand tonight), it's supremely enjoyable to be not just learning about what you love, but doing it too.

On the other hand, I'll let you know if the stress saps the fun out of it later on!

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