11 July 2013

Secrets and unexpected synergy

As Charlie briefly alluded to in his post after the first day of the course, we all had to tell a secret about ourselves upon meeting each other for the very first time. Frankly, some of them were such poor excuses for a secret that they made Ricky Martin’s coming out announcement as shocking as Kanye and Kim’s book of baby names.

I revealed a not-so-cool penchant for professional wrestling. Keith promptly advised me to “get out more”.

Another common response to my confession is: “But it’s fake!”

Yes, in the same way that ballet is fake or soaps are scripted.

Most wrestling fans know it’s fake, and they can quite often predict the outcome of matches. But good wrestlers have the ability to tell a story in the ring. Rapid momentum shifts, unexpected outside interferences, freakish shows of strength all contribute to the storytelling, and make the most predictable of outcomes seem improbable. They find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

As it turns out, this is a lot like a journalist’s job. We too tell a story. We find the unusual and ironic in everyday happenings. The only difference is we use words instead of chokeslams, punctuation instead of suplexes.

The modern day hero of wrestling, CM Punk, recently tweeted: “Be what you want. Just understand that you get out what you put into it. #pma”

He was referring to the internet acronym for ‘positive mental attitude’ with the hashtag, but he could easily have been referring to us.

Who would’ve thought? Synergy between journalism and wrestling. #pma

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