15 July 2013

On the seventh day, God created rest. But forgot to tell Keith and Roberta.

As my first blog falls on a monday, I've decided to write about our first weekend at PMA. So for all you budding postgrads out there, here's what really happens at PMA when the rest of London has two well-deserved days off at the end of the week.
The first thing I encountered was the tube. Or lack of. It turns out that the entire Northern Line was shut all weekend, something that I hadn't checked up on as I am a naiive newcomer to London. So after a few anxious dashes around Archway station, I switched my brain on and used the TFL website to locate the nearest bus stop and rail replacement. Ended up being 15mins late and doomed to spending the rest of the weekend on sweaty greenhouse-like buses - not a great start.
Saturday morning starts at 9am with 1-2-1 sessions with Roberta, or what she kindly referred to as "Nina Time", while everyone else learns the meaning of spelling the hard way, aka scoring horrifyingly low on Keith's spelling test. The morning went fairly smoothly and we thought we had almost done, until Roberta gave us "just one last task". Go to any London event and find a news story, not to do with that event. Write it up by 5pm on sunday. (Not sure whether I'm supposed to say what actual tasks are but nevermind.) So see you later free time.
Spent the rest of saturday trawling twitter and time out for newsworthy-looking events, and then set off bright and early on sunday to a tech fair run by Intel. In hindsight, spending the first half an hour making the most of free stuff (free ice cream, starbuks voucher)may have been the reason why meeting the deadline later on proved difficult. But then again the ice cream came with a flake so what can you do. I can also report that the highlight of the day was winning an actual smartphone!! Which I managed to do through an impromptu entry to a twitter competition as part of the Intel promotions.
Findings from event number one: Corporate or tech events are soulless, completely useless for news, full of salesy and frankly boring people. But they do have lots of cool free stuff.
We moved onto event number two, only two hours away from deadline now so we were starting to feel a little desperate. Stumbled upon a strawberry and honey fayre at Spitalfields City Farm and soon met lots of friendly people with lots to say about all their interesting new projects and funding. News stories found! Turns out community events have much more going on than sleekly promoted corporate pop-ups. Quick rush home on various buses, trains, tubes, goats, hot air balloons, (love London weekend transport), and a quick write up before submitting at 5.04pm...
Can't believe how fast monday came round and we are onwards and upwards to week two already.
PS. I feel Ade would be disappointed if this blog gets published without a nice embedded link or photo after his blogging and online masterclass today. But my computer is playing up and it’s almost time to get up again so I will have to come back to it.

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  1. Too few photos; too many screamers. Story of my life.


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