08 July 2013

Futuristic Foundations

Lego: a toy for people who like to think for themselves. 

In Danish it means: to play well. 

In Latin it means: I put together.     

Rise up PMA-ers as today we laid the first bricks in our foundation, and tomorrow we shall turn these building blocks into our futures! After all, a building of a thousand bricks begins with just one brick. (Cue cheesy motivational power ballad music, a big smile and a thumbs up kids!)    

On more breaking news - we're all under editorial attack! Not just from our wisened PMA tutors, but from ourselves and each other too. So keep your sub-editing machine guns at the ready and your wits about you, as we prepare to begin our journey on the road to becoming born again journalists.

Personally I'm absolutely sold on the journey aspect, and I hope that you all are too. The most reassuring part of this journey, is that we can all rely on each other to be an emotional crutch to one another along the way. All we have to do is keep to our schedules, manage our time wisely, move with the multi tasking and avoid those freeze frame panics. And we'll be fine - right?

I've been getting a few premonitions already you know! Strange visions where I can see us all nine weeks from now, toasting our successes, as we sip champagne in leather bound arm chairs, discussing how we're going to preserve world tranquility and order. However I'm not one for being dramatic or predicting the future, so I guess we'll have to wait and see on that one...!

During our open group therapy session at the start of today, I alluded to my rather narcissistic obsession with Sherlock Holmes. Later on that day, one of his many great quotes sprung to mind,

"It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. It biases the judgment."

In a fast evolving world where we all clamber to break a story first, these words simply remind us to be vigilant with our facts. The one sure thing I know a journalist should be. 

Ps. Now I just so happen to be sat here in my boxer shorts and vest as I write this...and by now there's already far too much information, so I'll continue anyway. My excuse being that it's a steamy London night and I'm rather Scottish by nature, so I'm sure you understand my predicament. Now one thing you must know is that mother dearest has a habit of appearing in my bedroom doorway rather unexpectedly, but I guess that's my fault for leaving my bedroom door open. Anyway, she has just informed me that I look like the male equivalent of Sarah Jessica Parker blogging in her undies for her sex and her city. Naturally, I have asked her to leave.  

Please note this will be the first and last time I ever mention my mother in a blog post.

See you tomorrow. 

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