09 July 2013

First day jitters

How to describe my first day at PMA… Intense is probably the only way to put it. After taking the Underground in the wrong direction my day wasn’t off to the best start and I felt like my breakfast might make a surprise reappearance when I was one of the last ones to arrive. We launched straight into it with some exercises to get to know each other and the area better. To be perfectly honest I would much rather have had my photo taken for the security pass before I had been running around Victoria in the heat. Nonetheless it was fun, and got everybody talking. The afternoon seemed more intense, and if I wasn’t made of sterner stuff I may have been tempted to make a quiet escape and never return. My bum stayed firmly on the seat though, and I’m glad, as otherwise I wouldn’t have got to grips with the structure of magazine staff quite so quickly. The hardest part of the day for me was probably beginning to write job applications. I’ve never been the most confident person and always worry that rather than straddling the line between confident and arrogant I’ve gone right out the other side and become an egomaniac. So far the course has been exactly what I expected: fast-paced, no nonsense, but informative and helpful. Although I’m exhausted, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will be like!

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