26 July 2013

Drinking Kenco and sitting on toadstools

Ever wondered how you write toadstools in shorthand? No, can’t say I have either. But this morning, we were delighted to have a speed test all about a walk in the woods, rays of light and sparkly diamonds. Words we are unlikely ever to use. As well as Feng Shui, Bengali and Kenco- some of my other personal favourites.

Compared to the rest of features week, today was quite relaxed. We spent most of our time on the phone, desperately trying to interview people who either said what we wanted to hear or simply weren’t there at all. Friday afternoon is not the time to ring people. They’re normal and go home early.

In PMA world, I actually got home early today too. 8 o’clock. I even had dinner. It’s a nice reward for having some re-submissions put through today, as you kind of lose the will to live once you’ve re-written the same story about four times.

With an interview to type up and jobs to look up (I’m inspired after Nina had an interview), I should probably turn off 8 out of 10 Cats and get on it. A Witter interview is after all just 140 characters per answer. No problem at all. So much better than a 750-word feature. That’s the next challenge. 

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