15 July 2013

Dangerous levels of Ego


With five years of peace and an exploding economy maybe the Angolan government is right to silence its political enemies.Their reporting is self-serving and dangerous.

NGOs, human rights organisations and the UN have expressed concern that press freedom has been further eroded in the central African nation after journalist Rafael Marques de Morais was charged with defamation for his book highlighting human rights abuses.

Mineral and fossil fuel exports have flooded the developing country with cash and credit since the end of the civil war, creating a boom in infrastructure developments which are powering employment and education.

This began with the death of UNITA leader Savimbi in 2008 and the ending of hostilities, which has allowed foreign investmnt to flow into the country.

So what good are journalists like de Morais doing in disturbing a status quo that is benefiting the whole nation?

No doubt the gap in wealth between the very poor and the very rich is huge, but after 30 years of war I think it better to allow a measured transition to democratic governance. Seeking to undermine the one force that has established itself as concrete and lasting in a nation, in a continent, where instability bleed wealth into the wrong hands is not in the national interest. It is dangerous and potentially deadly, not just for the journalists, but for the whole nation. It's selfish.

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