17 July 2013

By Royal Appointment

We, the news-mongering journalists of the future, spotted Prince Andrew at the Press Association this afternoon.

Whilst undoubtedly a great scoop, the whole event was nearly overshadowed by the hilarious scene unfolding next to the royal Range Rover of a man attempting to pile a massive box from Argos into his car. The fact that the car was already pretty full with women and children seemed irrelevant to his cause as he soldiered on with the inevitably doomed challenge of trying to force the box in every which way.

I should probably mention that we had the ultimate vantage point from our training room on the ground floor, safely concealed behind the shaded, and apparently bullet-proof, glass of the Press Association, meaning we could see but not be seen. Lucky really as we probably looked like a bunch of nuts pressed up against the window with our iPhones at the ready for a glimpse of the royal guest (Darshan – being the social media guru that he is – was first off the mark with a tweet and photo of the prince live within seconds).

As for our beleaguered hero, he eventually admitted defeat, returned the box to Argos and drove off with all his passengers intact (and in case you’re wondering what was in the box…ironically, it was a bike).

Right, better crack on with my next article…and of course, my beloved shorthand.

Until next time.

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