25 July 2013

A third of the way through!

Week 3 and the work load is stepping up! I have really enjoyed features so far this week (sorry Roberta it's true) although not looking forward to the inevitable resubs at much longer word counts. It's only thursday and so far we've crammed in three different types of features, discussed all the other genres, been to a real press conference and had a very long day of media law!

At risk of sounding like an addict, the day definitely revolves around when the next caffeine fix is coming. Early mornings and a lot of concentration is resulting in feeling so tired I could sleep on a washing line. However everything is still positive because tomorrow I have my first ever job interview!! Not quite sure how this has happened (apart from learning how to write a "stonkingly good" cover letter). But it is exciting news. And the other exciting news is there is a lovely italian coffee shop down the road which sells muffins the size of heads for only a pound.

To end my blog here is a short glossary of Robertaisms, which are included for no other reason than we hear them so often they have begun to stick in my head.

"Stonkingly good" - written relatively well. rarely happens in practice as we are slowly discovering
"A thing of beauty" - what the perfect job app/interview/short sentence should look like but never quite does
"Close but no cigar" - the closest thing to praise you are likely to receive
"Sh*t hot" - a good news story. definitely not to be found at a show aimed at the over fifties. enough said...

Feel I should get a bit of sleep before interview so I will leave it there.


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