28 February 2013

The Summer 2013 Crew

It was about 7:30pm. I was in the PMA building in Victoria frantically doing re-subs before Monday's deadline. I'd already had a pretty intense day at Nursery World, where I was made to write a blog, PRETENDING I WAS A RABBIT, about what children's toys I like playing with.

Then I saw it. 2013s next set of PMA hopefuls being shown around the building. I never did that! They were polite and nervous, much like our team was eight weeks ago. It's strange to think that in a few months time they'll spend every minute of every day tearing apart each others grammar, ideas and personalities. Maybe some of them will find love. Maybe some of them will find find friendships. Maybe some of them will even find jobs.

I answered a few questions about the course, which I awkwardly stumbled through. The first impression I give is perhaps the only thing worse than my ability to critique my own work.

Don't let that put you off the course newbies. It's difficult, but so are rubix cubes, and look how well they've done.

Roberta sent me an email the other day, saying she, 'loved, loved LOVED,' my film-review.

That's when you know you've made it, kids.

This blog is living on Burrowed time.

(That's how I ended my Rabbit blog.)

(I know...)

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