03 February 2013


I don’t know why but I keep getting given Sundays to blog about- the Sundays where we are not ‘officially’ working.

I had a lie in of 8am today- trust me, that’s a lie in compared to the 6am’ers during the rest of the week. I woke up to six pages of gobbledegook that needed subbing, BADLY. Keith gave us the most horrendous features with the wrorst spllengs and that had the structure wrong the round all.

It didn’t help when I realised someone (*cough cough* Kat B) had messed around with the original copies on the shared folder ;) I promised I’d batter the culprit with my (now unused) crutches…

Though I took what I liked to think was a ‘well earned break’ afterwards to watch Lincoln, I found myself envisioning the opening titles in shorthand. I’m starting to catch Richard-itess and it’s rudely interrupting my favourite hobby.

It's 9pm and i'm contemplating ditching Mr Selfridge on ITV to write a feature on- i've been trying not to say it- VINTAGE!!!

The days are getting longer and the blog posts shorter. My to-do list is getting longer and my hours of sleep shorter. Here’s to half way through the course (ish).

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