22 February 2013

PrintWeek placement.. errm where's the printer?

So the first week of placement is over and I think it's safe to say i'm looking forward to getting the tube only half the distance and sitting back into PMA life again.

I am doing my placement at PrintWeek and to be fair they're giving a pretty, as Roberta would call it, 'shit hot' time there so far. Don't get me wrong, i'm not doing anything remotely 'fun'.. but i'm getting given lots of work to do so I will hopefully have a sufficient emount of 'clippings' for my workbook.

It was perhaps a bit daunting when, in the first half an hour of arriving there on Monday morning, I was given a brief for a 1,600 word feature (i'm almost 100 per cent sure that's the most i've written since my dissertation.)

And perhaps even more daunting when I went to print out the feature brief and didn't know where the printer was. For a moment I sat pressing print and listening for the whirring noise to identify the whereabouts of the machine. A few minutes later I had to go with my tail between my legs and ask. Hiding at the back of the room, the little blighter had printed out eight copies of the document. For a gal trying to pass off as a printing expert, I had a long way to go to convince myself of this, let alone anyone else.

Turns out you don't have to know anything about print at all, so a bit of advice for future postgrads looking for a placement: when Roberta turns down your ideas to go to placement at Empire or Vogue or FourFourTwo, just accept her recommendations of Horticulture Week (a word I hadn't even heard of before) or some equally unenthusing-sounding trade magazine.

I've got a few news pieces in the mag (with a feature going in a March edition) and some more news for the website.

I thought two-weeks at placement, 9:30-5:30, would be a break from PMA. But little did I know that my day wouldn't end there. Nope. You still have a list of things to do- a general feature, obituary and review to name a few.

It's so close to the finish line now.. I can also smell those sambuca shots lined up on Wetherspoon's top, and the tramps stood next to them.

Here's to two weeks left.

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