11 February 2013

Press Week Begins....

And so it begins... The week we've been warned so much about.

'Someone will cry. Someone always cries...'

These words ring out in my ears as I tenderly walk in from Victoria station. 'Please don't let it be me,' I beg to the PMA Gods.

Mr. News Editor Daniel Kemp now informs me upon arrival that five of my news stories are not going to be usable because of the dates...

I've rarely liked a nicer chap less!

But on the other hand, I was informed my piece on 'The Definition of Vintage' would be used as a double-paged-spread. 'Too right,' I thought, 'Too right.'

The room was getting tenser by the minute. Those taking lunch-breaks were frowned upon by the collective mass. Press Week was upon us!!

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