10 February 2013

Media Law Sunday

There was nothing officially on the schedule today, but as we have our media law mock exam tomorrow, I've ended up back in the office for the day anyway.

After a good 5 hours of cramming, I now feel like I have at least a reasonable understanding of defamation, copyright, contempt of court, the PCC Code, malicious falsehood and negligent mis-statement. As it just took me about two minutes to just recall that list, perhaps I don't know them all so well after all.

I have though, memorised all 10 tests for the Reynolds defence. Ed tried to wow us with his little semi-mnemonic to remember them but it ended up confusing him even further.

The exam's at 8.30 tomorrow morning. Then print week begins. The exam is probably going to be the least stressful part of the whole week. Bring it on.

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