27 February 2013

Healthy.. stuff

At the end of my placement with HSJ, I can safely assert that I know the first names of every member of press offices across the 250+ NHS PCTs nationwide. Come at me, Guinness Book of Records.

But aside from bolstering up my contact book with the numbers of countless bureaucrats I likely won't have the opportunity to talk to again, my experience at EMAP has been more or less a pleasant one. A slow start saw me mainly on the phone collecting data for spreadsheets, though there came occasions when I was able to write something for the publication itself. 

Seeing my byline in print was less satisfying than it was relieving. It's always good to have something to show for your efforts. My friends have been feigning interest in clinical commissioning groups as they skim-read my writing. It's more riveting than you'll know, guys.

My dad rang up and told me: "Ed, so proud to hear that you're on the front cover of HSJ." Er, steady on. Not quite.

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