04 February 2013

Computers and all that Malarkey.

When you write magazines, you have to put your words and pictures on inDesign software so it can eventually look pretty. You can't print out your word documents and super-glue them together.

So annoying.

For this reason, we have a number of technological whizz-humans coming in to help us put it together! We've got the lovely Sunderland Dave who has been in today. He knows a lot about fonts, text-boxes and other pretty important stuff.

I'm very bad at computers, but luckily Kat Bannon is a bit of a nerdy genius. (I plan to use her unsparingly in the coming weeks.)

(We're nearly halfway through the course now. Phwaaaaaar.)

My shorthand is probably the 4th of 5th best in the class, although my mock-confidence is  undoubtedly very annoying for everyone else. Francesca is looking like she's going to run away with the 'Words per Minute' gong.

^^^  Dan fell behind during a recent speed-test and hysterically threw his pen down in an unplanned tantrum.

Stay Classy San Diego.

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