20 February 2013


So I'm sitting writing this blog in the middle of my second week of placement - whereas the date I should have written was during the middle of my first week. So let's just pretend that I did it on time shall we? I'll backdate it anyway so you'll never know...

I'm doing my placement at Construction News. As I conveniently chose a flat right next to the PMA office in Victoria, and CN is located in Shoreditch, I now have the shock of actually having to get the Tube to work in the morning. I never knew so many people get the Underground every day - it's crazy.

But anyway - things have started rather slowly on placement. I knew ahead of time that I would be doing news during the first week, and features for the second week.

Roberta told us that we would get tested first thing - and she was right. I turn up and the news editor has a lovely little press release about a new design centre being opened in India. I duly make my phone calls and write it up, and eagerly await it to be published.

This doesn't happen in the end, but one strange thing did happen. The next desk along in our open-plan office is home to New Civil Engineer. Another work experience chap had received the same press release upon arriving at the same time as me, and was ringing the same PR man up with the same questions. Except he was doing it 5 minutes after me. 1-0 to Dan.

I finished the day by doing some research in preparation for the Budget next month so that I can join in on the planning meeting later in the week.

Tuesday was similar - a press release story first thing (still not quite published), and then a longer news analysis type piece for the rest of the day to keep me occupied. This was all about something called Building Information Modelling (BIM). The company involved is called BAM. And it was being used for facilities management (FM). Potential headline: BIM uses BAM for FM. Acronym heaven.

Today (Wednesday) was similar again. Couple more press release stories that ended up not being used, but I feel the news ed is beginning to trust me and give me more to do. So I'll keep plugging away and hopefully something will get published by the end of the week! I'm sure you can't wait to find out what happens (I already know because it's next week already).

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