22 January 2013

Writing for eternity

News Quiz, Shorthand, lunch in front of a computer, spending the day with Roberta, fire alarm at 10:15, faces become more familiar by the day and we all shared a beer or two now together.
It is safe to say we are slowly settling into a comfortable PMA routine by week 3. 

Week 3 is also Feature week. The first task was to conduct a 'Witter' interview. That is a short interview with a person of our choice. A light, delightful piece with answers not more than 140 characters.

It was quite a tough choice who to interview really. In the end I decided to settle for a good friend, who recently lost his job as an investment analyst and moved to Tanzania to start up a business as a distributor for Coca Cola. He is also a smart and funny guy. Perfect. 

I logged into skype and started interviewing. Increasingly, my questions intended to be light and entertaining were met with drawn out diplomatic statements. The longer the talk the more frustrating I got. "Can you be a little more funny." "Can you not speak like an academic book?" "My tutor won't like this, she will think I made this up."

He replied: "No, I cannot. I am potentially talking to a global audience. It is paramount how I conduct myself. I could be judged for eternity on this interview in case this will be my last."

What is the lesson here?
Being a journalist brings a lot of responsibility or don't conduct interviews with friends?

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