30 January 2013

We heart subbing

And so - day two of sub-editing with Keith.

A surprise was sprung on us as our Time Out-style news stories from the first weekend reappeared, ready to be subbed by the group as whole. It's amazing already how far we've come in just three weeks - looking back at how we wrote our stories, we wouldn't make the same mistakes again (that's the theory, anyway).

Much scribbling was done all over everybody's work, often to the point where it was no longer possible to decipher what the new draft should say. And then Keith told us that we had to swap with the person next to us so they could read our work (sorry, Jordan).

The day finished with us all subbing a feature about Monopoly. After we'd butchered it and chopped half of it away, we were told to go and find 130 words of interesting copy to slot in. Something rather different to everything that had come before, but most of us managed to pass Go and collect our chocolate biscuit (at the very least, no-one ended up in jail).

The reason this post is going up slightly late is because I was putting together this masterful stop-motion demonstration of how to sub (or not) a feature:

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