16 January 2013

Social media extravaganza

Today began with yet another news quiz. I don't know where Roberta's getting her facts from but I can confirm that it's definitely not the Metro.

After shorthand with Richard we were catapulted straight into the world of social media with Darshan. As well as discovering that Kanye West has a thing for men from Yorkshire, we were a given a crash course into online research and self-marketing. No doubt, we will all be frantically tweeting, blogging and linking-in from now on.

Darshan also helped us reach a bit of a breakthrough with the magazine. We've finally worked out what we mean by 'vintage business' and all seem to have come up with some potential feature ideas.

To finish up, an ex-PMAer came in to share some words of wisdom with us. The good news is that we will apparently all soon be crying, fighting with one another and reaching for the Haribo on a daily basis. Something to look forward to then.

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