29 January 2013

Over and over and over and over...

Shorthand continued with some more classic hits.  You'd think "I believe I can fly" is slow enough but the rest of the song was beyond most of us. I think even Rich struggled.

More importantly subbing began and we were made to feel very thick for most of the day. Never under-estimate how many mistakes can appear in what seems at first glance a perfectly good bit of copy. With further scrutiny and that is what you are taught, unrelenting scrutiny, there are errors everywhere. Under Keith's guidance you will turn copy on its head until the bit of paper looks like a combination of a darts board and a snakes and ladders set. At least you can't get a pen to this blog post.

I'm not loving the subbing and I thought I was a perfectionist. It kills all joy of just letting the words flow out on the page. It's a marmite - love or hate - relationship.

This is when the re-subs really start to pile up - be warned! But you can't really prepare either. Don't right like this where what seems like a perfectly normal sentence, is often far too long, with hanger on clauses and too many prefixes and suffixes to put off any grammar-phibian ( they just get everywhere) for a life time, never to go near your copy again or read any of your skillfully punctuated and honed work.

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