17 January 2013

Sausage Dreams

We plunged into shorthand practice first thing this morning. Motivation was high after learning how to write “Jumanji” yesterday… a word sure to pop up regularly when I get a job reporting for Insurance Times.

The focus of the day was learning to shoot video. After training, people headed out to Oxford street, Covent garden and Borough market. At the market we interviewed various stallholders and punters including Bangor the sausage man - catchphrase:

“Welcome to Sausage World, where all your sausage dreams come true".

Bangor had the enviable but important job of regularly shooting at pigeons with his super-soaker to stop them perching directly above his food. After all its hard enough just keeping horse meat out of your food these days.

Congratulations to Sophie for breaking the crucial rule of never offending your interviewee. That 44-year-old fishmonger did not look like he was in his early 50s. Interview over. It's always better to guess low.

Overall, people were surprisingly willing to be interviewed, although one butcher was disappointed to find out he wasn’t going to be on the BBC. Some people were particularly camera shy. It's been interesting coming across people who have had bad experiences with journalists and cameras before. They are a reminder of the responsibility we will have as journalists in the very near future.
We've learnt how to frame film shots, angle lighting, ask open questions and how not to interview people under a thundering railway. Final cut pro is now waiting with glee for us to come back to the office. We've learnt an unbelievable amount in the last week.
Thoughts go out to Becky trying to navigate Oxford Street on crutches today - at least we can assume she will have the steadiest camera work in the group.

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