20 January 2013

Richard, the man of my dreams...

Well the time has finally come. I am going mad. I do not if it is the lack of sleep, the intensity of the course or the drinks from last night’s first PMA social, but I’ve cracked. I awoke this morning in a cold sweat with the dulcet tones of Richard still ringing in my ears: “Don’t forget the ditt ditts. Why use two when one will do. T on top and D drops down.”   I was dreaming of shorthand.

Now I’m sure that Roberta and Keith will be glad that I am now learning in my sleep, and you never know it may squeeze out a couple more words a minute for me in the shorthand exam. But for me, it feels like my last reserve of peace and tranquillity has gone. PMA has taken over my entire life. Having said that I am enjoying the course. It is tough and it is relentless, but it’s also fun.

Today was a rare day off but that doesn’t mean I didn’t head over to Press Association and PMA headquarters. I braved the snow and trudged over for resubs and a couple 50 worders Keith gave us yesterday as homework. A brief check of the emails and job boards (my first application is already in the inbox of one lucky editor) and then I was off on a research mission. Sadly an hour trip across London was wasted as James had got the date wrong. Suppose I will go back in February. At least I got to play in the snow though.

I plan on having the rest of the evening off now and will relax with a cuppa tea and a film on the telly. After all it’s the pleasure of features tomorrow, but not until after spending another night with Richard teaching me shorthand as I drift off to the land of nod.

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