10 January 2013

'Needs extra work'

With the daunting prospect of resubmitting three harshly rejected news pieces tonight, I’m afraid I won’t be able to pour my heart and soul into this blog entry! It’s 6pm already, so I wonder if by the time I’ve finished here I’ll have time to eat and wash before I have to get up tomorrow morning…

Today, for the first time in my life, I smiled when told I had failed a piece of work. Afterall, ‘Needs extra work’ is quite friendly in comparison to yesterday’s theme, ‘Rejection’. While we were perhaps eased in gently on Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday have given us a taste of what we should expect in the next 8 and a half weeks.

Richard showed us how to form enormous word-groupings in shorthand, Roberta gave us another difficult news quiz, and Riva gave us a huge stack of business cards that now sit proudly on our desks! We’ll be hoping to distribute them to some big names in the vintage industry very soon.  

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