26 January 2013

JAS (Just another Saturday)

I have a little challenge for everybody, go outside, stop a person in the street and ask 'What is a Saturday for?'. You will most likely get an answer involving fun, friends and alcohol. If you get this answer it is your duty to give them a quick slap around the face and inform them how wrong they are as Saturdays are for working. Of course they will then thank you for educating them, offer to buy you a drink and beg you to make passionate love to them.

I know your now all thinking 'This sounds amazing,  how do I get such knowledge and  become one of these shinning examples of all that is right in the world?'. The answer is simple,  join the 9-week PMA Postgraduate Magazine Journalism course, but be quick as spaces are limited and the last place is decided by a en-masse fight to the death.

In other news I'm pleased to announce that the recently discovered sport of 'Roller-Chair Jousting' has been successful in it's bid to become an event at the 2016 Olympics. Those interested in representing team GB may report to trials at the PMA offices in the Press Association building, Victoria, London. Only those in peak physical shape should apply.

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