21 January 2013

Feature Town

And it's feature week!

With 'news writing' adjectives were strictly banned, as were 20-word sentences and other grownup ways of writing...

So as budding journalists we all assumed that this would be our chance to unleash our creative talents on the world!

But it's never as easy as that. Turns out it takes quite a lot of 'structure' to make your reader laugh, or cry, or angry, or happy, or intrigued, or alive, or interested, or downhearted. (These represent a short list  of all things a 'good feature' can do to a reader.)

We were given three features to be handed in within the week: A 'witter', a 'life in the day', and an enthralling 'news-led feature'. The first two involved direct interviews, and the latter involves a toe-curling number of phone calls.

I'm going to do my 'witter' interview on a young right wing comedienne, and my 'life in the day' on a Senegalese fisherman I met met in Spain over the summer.

I hope I can ask the right questions so they can do themselves justice!

This is an acrostic poem:

P - Please
M - Move
A - Along

(This is what a man called Alberto told me to do as I snooped round his vintage fair on Sunday.)

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