08 January 2013

Day 2: Man bites dog

After a reasonably gentle introduction to the world of journalism on day one, the second day on our schedule just said "News with Keith".

It started with a discussion about what makes news, followed by where to find news (i.e. sources). Keith has been everywhere and seen pretty much everything there is to see in journalism so his tidbits of advice are already seeming invaluable.

Sandwiched in between this in the morning was our first 90 minutes of shorthand. Again, it was a relatively gentle start, especially if you'd worked up to Unit 10 in the textbook beforehand (as I had! At least that's one thing I've done right...)

We had our second news quiz, and after everyone's shambolic showing (apart from Francesca) in Roberta's inaugural quiz on Monday, we all did a lot better.... scoring a whopping three or four out of ten. Progress is progress I suppose.

The day ended with our first two pieces of writing. First, a little 50-word lead-in to a magazine feature story (harder than it sounds), followed by the rewriting of the intro to a story in today's Guardian (as the latter was set as homework, most of us popped over to the pub for a cheeky one in between - but don't tell Keith that...)

A previous PMA-er also arrived to tell us to prepare for major stress and a lot of hard work in the coming weeks but that it would all be worth it in the end. With this ringing in our ears, and some writing finally submitted ready to be criticised (and probably rejected initially), day two came to a close at the very sociable time of 7pm, all ready for more news lessons on day three...

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