12 January 2013

Club Fromage, anyone?

So, how many non-hungover 20-somethings do you think you could find doing a spelling test far too early on a Saturday morning?

At least nine, if you happened to stubble across PMA HQ today.

Here's another question: After giving said spelling test to 9, non-hungover 20-somethings, how many of them decided that actually, no, their spelling isn't that great after all. In fact, more than "the occasional" one slips under the radar.

That's right, nine again! (My questions are far easier than one of Roberta's news quizzes.)

Never have I been happier to know that there's 'a rat' in separate. Shame I wasn't given similarly memorable, vermin-related spelling tips for words like diarrhoea when I was in junior school. Or haemorrhage. And can some please tell me what saccharin is?

Luckily, further lessons on tautology and grammar weren't the only dishes of the day. However, perhaps unluckily, relaxing wasn't exactly on the cards either. By 6 o'clock tomorrow we're to have pinged a Time Out-style 'new' news story to Keith's and Roberta's inboxes that we've found ourselves (remember, we're 'reporters' now - says so on our cards and everything) from exploring what the big smoke has to offer.

I think that means we can go on a night out.

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