11 January 2013

Call me Anna from Havanna

Day Five was the first day where we got let out from our glass box that is the Press Association's training room with a wonderful glass wall revealing the entrance of a Wetherspoon pub.

Excitement and anticipation for adventure in the dry air.

Our task for the day was to do a Voxbox. No, wait, a Voxpop. Or is it Vox Pop? Is it only me, who struggled with this? You see as the only non-British member of the team I miss out on the details sometimes. But it's all in the detail. Where was I? Right. Vox Pop.

We were sent on a little adventure to get people's views on various topics and then incorporate them in a little comment piece.

Approaching people was not too difficult, getting their names down was for me and my partner Sophie the toughest challenge. "No Names!" shouted a small man with a beard.
Another old lady, clearly Eastern European descent smiled mischievously and said: "Call me Anna from Havanna"
So here we go.

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