13 January 2013

Easy like Sunday Morning

As much as I would love to have been the first postgrad to moan about working hard on a Sunday, I am not in the position to do so. While everyone else is out and about at an event reporting a fresh news story, I am in bed watching a squirrel run up and down a tree outside of my window. Unfortunately you have to be on crutches and heavily dosed up on painkillers to have such a luxury.

It’s true - Sunday may not be an ‘official’ PMA office day as the tutors are not around (Keith and Roberta are probably sat in their jammys sieving through the 57- 'and a couple more'- different news sources in preparation for a Monday morning quiz), but there is certainly plenty to do.

This definitely isn’t a Super Sunday for me (C’MON LIVERPOOL!) Even though I am not out being a hunter gatherer this weekend, I still have a pile of re-subs that I have to try and boost up to a ‘Amendments needed and has to be resubmitted’ state. I’m going to be the one to embarrassingly break the ‘P’ record on a measly 50-worder.

I also have to think of reasons why I would like to work on a printing trade title for my placement as Mr Darryl Danielli of Print Week is bound to ask me when I ring tomorrow afternoon.

As for my CV and job apps… let’s not even go there today.
7 days down, 56 to go…

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