14 September 2012

We graduate today!

Seeing as PMA has killed any ability that I may have had to sleep, I figured as I'm still awake I would write my final blog.
This week has been the best week by far, as we were all so pleased to see each other after placement and we spent it just putting the final tweaks to our workbooks and taking exams, which is actually not that stressful in comparison to the rest of the course.
On our penultimate day we spent it having an extended lunch at the pub, having final one to ones with Roberta and getting the office ready for graduation. We actually made it guys!
Alongside learning to be an elite journalist and all the valuable preparation I have had for the working world, I think the things I will miss the most is my fellow PMAers. I will miss my massive tea orders with Corey and Louise, gossip sessions with Polly and Lucy, Tom and Rumble's constant insults and I might even miss Ben's messy desk. Or not.
For anyone reading this, who is thinking about doing this course, my only piece of advice is to do it and  stick with it. You will be amazed at what you can achieve and how far you can come in nine weeks. If I managed it, so can you!
Also a massive thank you to Keith, Roberta, Riva and Catinca for the countless chats and constant encouragement.

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