09 September 2012

Soon to return from war...

This time next week I can't imagine what I might be doing. Sleeping maybe, or watching tv or eating a home-cooked sunday lunch or doing some sport. What I definitely won't be doing is battling through re-subs, shouting at a photocopier, stressing over video features or resorting to mcdonalds because this time next week PMA will be over.

We just have a week of exams to get through first... I can't imagine leaving: it will be so weird to not see everyone every day too. I feel like we have been through so much and my life before the course seems like so long ago. In the words of Corey: "finishing the course will be like returning from a war."

We have all now finished our placements and I think I struck pretty lucky with mine. I went to Publican's Morning Advertiser and now have around 20 cuttings to show for it, including 3 features. Roberta drummed into us the importance of getting on the phone, making noise, looking for fresh angles and generally standing out in the office. But everyone at the PMA (getting confusing) does this already so I had no problem fitting in. Probably something to do with the fact that four of the team are PMA (really confusing!) graduates.

On the last friday I enjoyed a chilled couple of hours sitting in the sunny beer garden of the local pub with the rest of the team and some free cider. I also got to go to a cocktail/spirit launch party at a rooftop bar and I have several free bottles of rekorderlig and sparkling wine sitting in my room at home. Perks of a pub magazine!

But most exciting of all...I have a job!!!!!!! I was offered the job of junior editor on  Polo Times magazine on tuesday - it is literally my perfect job!!! I have a week after the course to do all the things I mentioned above. And then its off into the world of real, paid, dream-job style journalism. I'm excited...

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