13 September 2012

Love etttttttttttttttttttt.

Right, here's the thing. This is your typical PMA blog. I don't know what I'm gonna do here. But here it goes.
Top PMA quotes, moments and more:

  • Exclusive shorthand premieres - one of the crazy little things we like to do.
  • Getting fobbed off after two whole hours.
  • Scrambling for a post-shift beverage - Matilde: "It's a dump."
  • Receiving sound advice - "Stop fart-arsing around."
  • Ordering pizza - Polly: "Let me in!!!"
  • Quirky Christmas gift ideas. One word. Taxidermy. 
  • Keeping on top of provisions - "You're going to need some more milk."
  • Having your finger on the pulse - but definitely on the crack. 
  • Rubba-dub-SUB!
  • Sainsbury's trips to get the usual.
  • Workshops. "How do I go about introducing myself?"
  • "Close, but no coconut."
  • Constructive criticism. Corey: "It's a bit naff."
  • Asking a quick question - but you CAN ask a slow one.
  • Gourmet cooking - mmmm, bacon and sausage splash. 
  • "Polly, you're looking confident." - She wasn't.
  • "Knee-deep" - in anything.
  • Podcasting. 
  • Pork stories.
  • Riva's secret disdain for us (Benedict) using the recycling bin as a general waste disposal unit. 
  • Song requests via Corey's phone. Including hits from the true greats: Spice Girls and Babara Streisand (standard) peppered with a mix of Wigan Pier (they want to take a broom and sweep your yard - but you better brush it good). And obviously, no PMA playlist would be apt or complete without the fabulous Heather Small - Proud. Because, let's face it, what have YOU done today to make you feel proud? LET ME HEAR YA!
We have just returned from a hearty last-lunch. The last one ever? With luck, hopefully not.

It is more difficult than I ever thought it could be to draw the curtains across the PMA window, even though the view often seemed bleak. 
It's a journey. Truer words have never been uttered. There's been bumps, pit-stops, veers and head-on crashes. But survived we most certainly have.
A sincere thank you to all those involved in PMA; Roberta, Keith, Riva and Catinca. Nothing would have been possible without their support, encouragement, allowance on to the course in the beginning and the much-muttered "It'll be OK". Because, turns out, it was.
This week has shown me how much I have relied on the other PMA people and I can't imagine a life without them now. My main concern, when starting the journey, was whether I'd get on with my comerades. The elites. But each of the eleven will forever be an important part of my life and I will miss everyone dearly.
I hope everyone gets what they deserve and wish you all good luck for everything you do in life.
Everyone who hasn't done PMA - do it.
Everyone who has?

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