12 September 2012

Last Wednesday on the course

We are so so close to the end! I can't quite believe we've reached this stage, but we're still standing. Never thought I'd make it this far. This is my last blog, so just want to say a massive thank you to all the tutors and Riva and Catinca. They have been amazing and helped a lot with tear management!
The week's been mostly about tying up lose ends and getting the website sorted. We're going to start clearing out properly tomorrow which will be sad, but then again the whole course has been an emotional roller-coaster.
Good news - we all passed the magazine industry exam which we did at lunch, and the grammar test from yesterday. Still waiting to hear back on the proofreading test we did this morning though.
Anyway time to say, thank you and goodbye!
Looking forward to graduation. Roberta told us to 'pace ourselves' with the day-drinking. We'll see about that.

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