13 September 2012

Last Blog

As the foreigner of the group I will claim the right of being cheesy for the last blog at PMA.
Before I start I would like to say something to future pmaers. In hard times (weeks 3-4-5-6 are probably the most stressful in ascending order) always try to think that it is worth it, and that the last week is going to be fantastic. Remember that it’s just nine weeks, and try to enjoy them because when it comes to an end, you will feel that you don’t want to leave. But you will, and as Roberta says: “This is just the beginning.” You will soon realise (probably at day 2) that she is always right. So, make sure you listen to EVERYTHING she says.

Italians are known for being dramatic, easy-criers, over-emotional… and I will match the expectations.

I will miss our working as a team, which started from day one. Everyone promised not to let anyone down, and everyone kept the promise.  We supported each other in many ways. From making sugary teas on rainy days to sharing advices on resubs.

Thanks Lulu sub-queen and Corey glossy-victim for our walks home, thanks Ainhoa for standing me during our video feature (early Sunday mornings are not easy ones), thanks Seeta and Ben for keeping me awake with their never ending quarrels, thanks Tom D for his production management, thanks Polly and Lucy for running SFB with efficiency and determination, thanks Tom N for fag breaks and job app tips, thanks Matthew for his van-enthusiasm, thanks Matt (RRRumble) for our shorthand sessions and team-projects. Of course, thanks Riva and Catinca for managing and Richard for his patience. A massive thank you goes to Keith and Roberta for turning us into journalists in nine weeks.

It has been a tough journey, and I am glad and sad that is coming to an end – like it happens with all best things in life.

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