10 September 2012

Final countdown

It's Monday evening and after 2 weeks away I'm back in PMA. A tip to future PMAers - organise your folder as you go along, number your work correctly as it will save you so much time and effort. Think about that final day before you handed your dissertation in when you had to change page numbers, titles, header and footer and you have some idea about the need for organisation.

4 days to go and it's exam week, so tonight will be spent revising media law and the magazine industry.

On a more positive note I have a job! I'm a reporter at HR magazine. I started last week so earning money before the course has finished is a bonus.  It has meant a bit of juggling about with the course and job. Working today, exams tomorrow and Wednesday, job Thursday and the all important graduation Friday (media law exam permitting).

Back to revision..................

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