13 September 2012

Avoiding clichés like the plague

It’s really difficult writing a final blog that doesn’t sound like the one appearing at the end of every PMA 9-week course. I’ll try and be different in an effort to avoid Keith’s wrath.

Details of the Hillsborough disaster that killed 96 people 23 years ago were finally revealed today. The suffering people relatives of those lost have faced in the ensuing years are a stark reminder that the course is in fact a pretty enjoyable experience.

Anyone weighing up whether or not to do it, sat reading our blogs and doubting whether 9-weeks is enough time to become a trained journalist, stop wondering. It is possible. Three of our 12 have jobs before the end and some of us have been paid for work while we’ve been here. Speaking personally, that has never happened for me before despite doing a three-year journalism degree.

Here is a bit more advice for anyone doing the course in the future. Practise your shorthand as much as possible before you start. I personally regret not getting better at it in the time I had. Also make sure you identify a placement that is going to get you a lot of cuttings, even if it isn’t something you expect to be interesting. Listen to Roberta when she suggests places to go – she’s right. She usually is.

You will succeed if you do your work as you go along and stay on top of it. Everyone here has passed the exams and completed their workbooks.

Your also highly likely to meet some cool people, which is always good. I won’t miss the 1 hour commute (more advice – live close) and the eight alarms I have to set to make sure I wake up. But I will miss Tom's cheek, Corey’s singing, Matilde’s highly offensive impersonationsand having cups of tea made on tap from Louise and Seeta (:D).

Now, how long till we get to the pub?

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