05 August 2012

The educational value of the music of Ms Geri Halliwell

Today something momentous happened.

Something truly momentous.

An event which elicited a level of joy not seen since the day of the Royal engagement.

We had a day off. This of course doesn't mean no work happened, but it did mean a lie in could occur.

I went to the Exhibition Road street food show, took some pictures and chatted with some vendors. While I was there I also did a quick scoot of the Science Museum, where exhibits and tests revealed I have the mind of a woman (is this really a newsflash?) and that I will age every badly in the next few years. Very productive all in all.

Also learnt that the music of Geri Halliwell makes for excellent shorthand practice: try it, she talks at a nice pace and says lots of words with nice endings like inge, unge and ex which make for nice outlines.

Finally I'd like to say I love my new title of features editior/fashion victim as mentioned in the previous blog. My transformation into an Edina Monsoon-esque character is almost complete.

Week 4 and the book on who will crack next continue tomorrow. For now, there's still three hours of the day off to enjoy finding contacts for features.

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