13 August 2012

Team Spice/Streisand

I just lay down in bed to go to sleep, then remembered that today was my turn to do the blog. It just goes to show how many other things I'm struggling to remember to do that I couldn't bear to add another one to the list and leave it until tomorrow.
Today Lucy from the winter 2012 course came in to teach us all about apps and how we can create one for Street Food Business. I am literally the technologically inept person in the world, but even I managed! I actually really enjoyed it and I think most other people did too. Of course the highlight was undoubtedly Corey, Louise, Mathilde and I singing Woman in Love at the top of our voices while creating our Barbra Streisand themed app page. Personally I think we gave the Spice Girls a run for their money, even after last night's awesome closing ceremony performance.
Then it was back to the usual evening routine: resubs, job apps, interview with someone from the National Pig Asssociation, more resubs... I got home at 8pm and forced myself to do shorthand and media law revision. And this blog. I need to go to bed.

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