25 August 2012

Post Press Day!!

There was once a time when my entire universe did not revolve around street food. It was a long time ago and it did exist once, but I don't really remember it.
Well now I have to find a new fixation in life as we have officially gone to press as of yesterday. Wahey!
We had an absolutely insane week of putting the finishing touches to the magazine and yesterday was just a mad rush of proofing and editing the pages.
Everything was all done at about 3 and then we rushed to Sainsburys for a quick snack as none of us had eaten all day. We had a quick briefing or "post-mortem" on the magazine and instructions on how to behave at placement. The general gist of that being get on the phone and make lots of noise. My two favourite things. 
There was a quick tidy up of the office and then it was pub time. We had a couple of drinks with Keith, Roberta and Riva, then we all went home to tart up and have Nandos takeout. 
Then we all went out and enjoyed a street food free night and our last night together before we embark on placement. 
Today a few of us went for a much needed fried breakfast, and then Polly and I came back to mine and have spent the rest of the day relaxing on the sofa, gossiping and watching Come Dine With Me. 
But it will be back to my street food fixation tomorrow. 

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