02 August 2012

PMA tear virginity = gone

This has been a week of firsts for me: my first cry at PMA, the first time I've ever been too tired to have dinner, the first time I've fallen asleep on the tube on a saturday afternoon and gone 6 stops too far and the first story I've had passed first time. So its not all bad. I think we've all got to the stage where we feel like the magazine should be coming together but we can't see it ever actually happening. But I'm feeling slightly reassured by Rachel and Pamela from the last course coming in and telling us that they all felt the same at this stage.

It's also crazy how much the work load has increased - this time last week I thought I had mountains of work to do. I didn't, I had speed bumps. I have so many resubs to do now that I had to hole punch them in 3 sections when I decided to think optimistically about some day being able to put them away in my folder. We also have general features to dream up some inspiration for, news led features to write and day in the life pieces to resubmit...the list goes on.

But today hasn't been as stressful as other days. It was Matilde's birthday and so we all brought something in and had a party food lunch. It's amazing how much cocktail sausages and party rings cheer everyone up. Louise was so happy she got inside the box Matilde's balloon arrived in.

I think we've all got to know each other a lot more by now, which is a good thing, and I am still really enjoying the course. But right now I am literally feeling delirious from lack of sleep, so I'm going to ignore my 2 page to do list, and go to the pub.

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