14 August 2012

Is it my turn again?

I was just been doing some shorthand after an abysmal performance in the test today, practising hasn't really been a priority of mine recently, when I realised it was my turn to air my thoughts in public again.

Days have seemingly been getting longer and longer recently and things are definitely not getting easier. We had Robbie in today teaching us about layouts for our magazine. It was just an introduction but this week looks set to be different and new (i hope) and by the end of it Street Food Business should be taking shape. One quote that sticks in my mind from today is "there is nothing wrong with hard work ... but unnecessary hard work is just pointless". I've been trying to tell people that for years so I'm glad someone else finally said it for me!

We also has Damien in off the Festival Business course in 2010 to speak. He was a charismatic guy and re-assured us that a) our magazine is going a lot better than their magazine was and
b) we will all be employable if we can complete our work folder and pass the course ... Best get cracking.

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