04 August 2012

Feature Editor... check

It's the end of what seemed a never ending week. Probably because we didn't have a break for fourteen twelve hour days. Our third week, one third of the entire course is finished! It's good and bad news at the same time because it means that the magazine will be printed in only three more weeks and we still have so much work to do! Our Saturday was not too bad, a nice catch up face to face with Roberta and a lot of pre-subbing with Keith. Now we have one entire day at home tomorrow, which sounds lush... but my dear future pma-er don't you think that you'll have time to chill or to have a lie in... Features deadline nightmares will wake you up at night, and phone calls to find relevant quotes might take you ages... Highlight of the day was our feature editor election, our favourite fashion victim Corey has been empowered! We just managed to treat ourselves to one or two cheeky beers after the last SFB meeting!

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