20 August 2012

Almost forgot to do this

Well this is going to be shorter than usual. I forgot it was my turn until I saw it on my never-ending to-do list. And totally agree with Rumble, it feels like yesterday I was on this.
So it is officially press week! The first day of an extra stressful week I think, which started with a telling-off from Roberta about magazine layout. Lesson of the day: attention to detail. We did quite a bit of subbing and last minute news-gathering, playing around on InDesign, and we're starting to get an idea of what the mag will look like. Thanks to Corey's inspirational cut outs of celebs singing our praises (we're bootylicious and - One Direction - we don't know our mag is beautiful) I think we'll get there fine in the end. We're aiming for an early finish on Thursday to get out first day off in...6 weeks. Incentive.
Oh and we also had a mock media law exam at lunchtime and an external examiner come to review our workbooks and chat to us individually. What a start to our hectic week!

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