24 July 2012

When in doubt, put the kettle on

Today has been all about social media and how to market our content. This has more than flummoxed a lot of us, if only because we now live in fear of been incarcerated in Twitter gaol.

So from now on, my new course of action will be to put the kettle on at every moment possible, as tea has proved the best way of soothing everyone and keeping us on track. It's also proved a good way of getting to know everyone, as the brew round involves very specific instructions including a 2 teabag affair for Louise, a drip of milk for Polly and a blue (it must be blue) mug for Seeta.

On a more educational note, we've learnt how to make the best use of Twitter and Facebook and have started discussing plans for the magazine, including a documentary on some new street food stalls.

Blog done, off for my fifth cup of tea of the day. At three sugars a cup I can feel my PMA cavity developing as we speak.

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