31 July 2012

Welcome to features

Today was our first day of features and after a brief introduction to the topic we were sent off to write two pieces.  As usual the new topic started with warnings from Roberta about its workload. We were first tasked with interviewing two people that we know, but not too well.  After the general feeling of awkwardness passed everyone started making the necessary phone calls.

Personally I maybe chickened out of phoning someone that I barely knew, or a friend of a friend, but instead chose one of my housemates at University.  I would like to think that it wasn’t a complete cop-out though and hopefully it was a relevant story, but as ever Roberta will be the judge of that!

The afternoon then consisted of an unusually quiet shorthand session, by recent standards at least. We then enjoyed a relatively early finish and some ‘spare time’, which we all used for re-re subs, of course.  

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