23 July 2012

Week two - Monday - like a rolling... story

The rain is giving us a rest, and I think the heat and a bit of sun are helping everyone to bring in the right energy. 

Today we covered the wonderland of rolling stories. How to write a story as it is unfolding in front of your eyes. Sounds easy? Well it's not. 
Especially if you have 30 minutes to write it and far too many facts to fill the prescribed 225 words. 
The morning session consisted in four press conferences by the police-Roberta, updating the media-us second by second on a number of attacks happened in the seventies. After the hectic start we had a resubmission-lunch-break, and an interesting and rather intriguing chat about Street-food Business.
A lot of ideas for researching in the right direction, and many possible ways of finding amazing stories. Which I'm sure we will.

One and a half hour of short-hand with the quite and encouraging voice of Richard, and a bit of excitement as someone reached almost 120 words per minute. (Ok I am cheating a bit as we almost knew the sentence by heart - but I like to think that it counts).
After that it was time for elections. We have now our editor, deputy editor and news editor. None of them started to cry buckets yet, so well done for the brilliant start. 
Street-food business is hotting up!

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