26 July 2012

unge.....with a CL blend

So nearly 2 weeks in and things I used to do and phrases I used to say are slowly disappearing : going for a pint, spending a day watching T.V, sleeping, relaxing, sleeping and sleeping....I need some sleep!  Due to re-sub after re-sub the phrase, "10 B&H Silver please," is being used at alarming levels.

Today consisted of a lively shorthand lesson where we all showed amazing levels of maturity - "Can anyone think of words ending in ank?" bank, tank, sank....... "How about words ending in inge?" binge, tinge, winge....... and a personal favourite, "words ending in unge?" Other popular words included bang, tingle and length.  Shorthand to music was next. First tune we got to listen to was a hit from The Carpenters, writing the chorus, "sing, sing, sing a song," over and over again.  Intelligence levels were questioned when someone piped up with, "What's this song called?" We also got a lovely bit of Whitney, a definite crowd pleaser whatever the situation.

The rest of the day was spent Video Editing.  Our task was to go round in groups interviewing and filming people and finding out their opinions on the Olympics.  Strolling around a London park, on a hot sunny day with a satchel and video camera probably did raise a few eyebrows but it was was really interesting, great fun and yet another skill I've learnt that I didn't have 10 days ago.

Having a whole night of work ahead of you and arriving home to find your housemates heading out to the park with wine, cider, sausages and scotch eggs doesn't help the stress levels. This coming after attempting to write a job application on a packed tube, while at the same time trying to avoid the albino lady in front of you with flaky skin. (ermmmm Richard how do you write albino? It has a special outline Tom)

Curtains drawn, laptop open, re subs out...........eat, sleep, drink PMA.

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